wywiad windykacyjny

debt collection investigation

Debt collection investigation will provide strategic information necessary to prepare an effective strategy for debt collection and recovery of outstanding amount due.

As part of our vindication process we make the following primary checks of a debtor:

  1. Fixed assets and movable property
  2. Place of work, type of activity
  3. Residence, actual and listed
  4. Informal sources of income
  5. Indebtedness
  6. Bank accounts held
  7. Has debtor divested itself of its property to prevent recovery
  8. Criminal Record if any, also tax penalties
  9. Correspondence delivery
  10. Local vision at debtor residence
  11. Preparation of a strategy for further legal and detective activities and any other measures aimed at effective recovery

Then our clients can decide whether they want to proceed with the gathered information themselves or let D24 to make further steps leading to full debt recovery.