Market Intelligence Premium

market intelligence premium

  1. Listing of contractors, suppliers, domestic and foreign customers/clients
  2. Information on employee numbers
  3. Details on key management/board members
  4. Renumeration and reward system identification
  5. Development plans for the domestic and foreign markets
  6. External servicing companies (accounting, legal services, IT administration, security)
  7. Investors, formal and informal financing sources
  8. Local vision and photo documentation
  9. Fixed assets, intangible resources, leasing, production lines, etc.
  10. The origin of components, parts, raw materials
  11. Financial analysis by product
  12. Financial analysis by area: regions and countries
  13. Production capacity by product
  14. Wealth level among executives and shareholders

Price and time of delivery for an advanced business intelligence report are presented within 24 hours after clarifying customer expectations and preliminary analysis of the audited entity.