Market Intelligence

market intelligence

Our Market Intelligence package makes the most advanced product in the market. It guarantees safety to your business, prevents loss of liquidity and shields against legal problems.

Market intelligence, with its unique techniques and methods of collection, processing and analysis of data, is an important weapon ensuring you get a healthy chunk of your market while you keep a close watch for your competition.

MI and BI became important elements of business management. Global studies indicate that nearly 80% of international business uses market intelligence tool, while 93% of those derives tangible benefits from it.
Crucial elements of our offer is, on one hand, following activities of your competitors and, on the other, obtaining information on and verifying credibility of your clients and potential business partners. This knowledge is absolutely essential to safe and responsible management of any modern enterprise. Pre-contractual check of a target entity is the only best way to avoid unreliable or dishonest party.
Efficient and discreet market intelligence offered by D24 ensures your business security and assists its dynamic growth. At your disposal, we have the best specialists prepared and ready to handle even the most advanced projects.