Investigation Services

investigation services

For many years, Detective24 has been setting trends in the global market of information gathering, personal information techniques, as well as electronic and cyber intelligence technology. We have a team of information gathering specialists who create new methods and strategies. They always operate lawfully, guaranteeing full data security and client anonymity.

Detective24 has a planning and strategies department allowing us to productively create and adequately deliver any service. We can guarantee the highest quality of gathered evidence and delivery of strongest case supporting material as we employ the best experts with years of hands-on international experience. The D24 network of agents spread across many countries allows for quick and effective delivery, anywhere in the world.

To guarantee only the best service, we comply with the following legislation in England;

• Data Protection Act 1998

• Human Rights Act 1998

• Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

In other countries, we also work respecting local laws and regulations.